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This plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog using jQuery effects.
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Download Version 2.5.1
Last Updated: 2014-4-21
Requires WordPress 3.1 +
:: What’s New?

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:: Repeat & Replay

"The seeds of our ideas are always simple, but that’s why they are called seeds." – S. Laframboise

Repeat one set

  • $(document).twizRepeat(X);
    X = number of times to repeat.
    BLANK = infinite repetition.

    Tip: Use the repeat variable to call functions or to unlock manually after repeated. This line of code below is
    available under ‘Examples’ while editing (once it’s saved).

    if( twiz_repeat_sc_99_sampleid_xxxx == 0 ){
        [put your code here]


Replay the list

  • $(document).twizReplay();
    It replays all animations that are not triggered by event.

You have the possibility to reset your element to it’s original state at the end of your animation with some jQuery, or at the beginning. The ‘starting positions’ can also be used to reset your element if you choose ‘after’ or ‘before the delay’.



:: Built-in jQuery Packages

Which ones are enabled on this website?

Version 1.8

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