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This plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog.
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Do not register on this website, unless you want to get access to the latest release, twiz files, and support forum.

Version 2.7.975,703 downloads
Last Updated: 2014-7-12
Requires WordPress 3.1 +
Changelog | License
:: What’s New?

Do not install <=v.2.7.9 on a multisite installation. It was never meant to be "multisite compatible". If this is the case you will have to export all the sections, remove the plugin the right way, and reinstall it. The database schema has changed with v2.8+, it uses only one table for all sites, with many options.
= 2.7.9 =

* Fixed compatibility with wp-minify.
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Thank you for your interest in this plugin.

Contact me if you have any questions, or need advice.

And don’t forget to Like / vote & review this plugin.

Hope you’re having an awesome Summer!

:: Getting Started

These screenshots show how to install
the aircraft animation.

Upload twiz-aircraft.png into

Create and make this directory writable:
About File Permissions


These screenshots show how to install
the aircraft animation.

Upload twiz-aircraft.png into
This section is not yet finished.



:: My To Do / Wish List for v2.8

It will take a few weeks, no need to look at my website every day to see if it’s ready.
You can come back in 2 or 3 weeks to check the progress, in the meantime you can register.

0% – Retesting everything, under a single site, and under a multisite installation.
50% – Modifying all animations.
95% – Adding the ability to Import/Export a whole section.
100% – Maintaining compatibility with WordPress version 3.1+.
100% – Fixing Uncategorized category, and non-existent pages or posts.
25% – Adding compatibility with multisite, (Network Activate). This includes many things.
100% – Adding verification of broken links to images within the view.
100% – Adding download links to twiz files into the export file listing.
100% – Adding the ability to Export All sections in one click + backup file.
100% – Adding Settings link beside the activate/deactivate links on the plugins page.
100% – Adding an option into admin section to remove created directories when disabling the plugin.
100% – Adding visibility options in section creation.
100% – Adding a Save & Stay checkbox in section creation.
100% – Adjusting UI a little bit here and there.
100% – Cleaning unused toggle options upon deleting a section, and clean obsolete ones.
100% – Creating the necessary directories during installation or updates, if non-existent.
100% – Fixing a bug with copy group.
100% – Modifying TwizGroup->copyGroup(), redirect to copy group form.
100% – Optimizing loops in TwizOutput class.
100% – Keeping in memory the menu settings that are inactive(shortcode ID, custom logic).
100% – Reviewing the labels and terms used.
100% – Shortening new unique numbers(export_id, parent_id).


:: Repeat & Replay

"The seeds of our ideas are always simple, but that’s why they are called seeds." – S. Laframboise

Repeat one set

  • $(document).twizRepeat(X);
    X = number of times to repeat.
    BLANK = infinite repetition.

    Tip: Use the repeat variable to call functions or to unlock manually after repeated. This line of code below is available under ‘Examples’ while editing (once it’s saved).

    if( twiz_repeat_sc_99_sampleid_xxxx == 0 ){
        [put your code here]


Replay the list

  • $(document).twizReplay();
    It replays all animations that are not triggered by event.

The starting positions or the jQuery can be used to reset your element if you choose ‘after’ or ‘before the delay’.


:: Built-in jQuery Packages

Which ones are enabled on this website?

Version 1.8


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